Attending an Accredited Online College: Pros and Cons

There’s no greater gift you can give yourself than furthering your education. On average, those with higher degrees earn hundreds of thousands more over their lifetime than those without the same level of education. If you’re already juggling several big obligations, like work and raising a family, you might be considering online college as a way to get that next degree. Consider these pros and cons of online education before you commit to a program.

Pro: Get a valuable degree with a flexible class schedule

• While most online colleges aren’t at your own pace, you still get to decide when you want to attend class, by watching or listening to the lecture. You can fit homework, reading, and other assignments into your current schedule. Plus, there are online colleges that offer laptops. See

Con: Online college courses require more motivation

• All that flexibility can be great, but it can also be a temptation to procrastinate. Online school means that you can set your own schedule, not that you can excel without any schedule at all.

Pro: Select the program that’s best for you, no matter where it’s located

• With online school, you aren’t limited by the geographic location of a school. You can find the college with the best program for your specific career goals, and it doesn’t matter if you live near the school or not.

Con: There’s no immersive educational experience

• In traditional college, students’ lives are immersed in classwork and the college social scene. Although you can find an accredited online college that will give you a good education, you won’t have the same experience of socializing, attending guest lectures, or going to sports games that you would have if you attended an in-person program.

Pro: Save money by picking a cost-effective program

• With online education, you have the opportunity to compare costs between programs and pick the one that’s most suited to your budget. You’re not limited by the programs which happen to be in your geographical vicinity.

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Con: You’re spending money on only virtual school

• When you pay tuition to a traditional college, you’re also paying for enjoyment of the college campus, library space, in-person mentorship, and other amenities that come with having a physical college. With online school, you may still have to pay a similarly high tuition, while not being able to benefit from these perks.

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