Education requirements for medical assistants

Medical assistant’s profile – A medical assistant performs all the administrative and clinical tasks of the medical organization. He works hand in hand with the doctors and patients in order to ensure smooth functioning of the system. This profile demands high level of patience, good communications and analytical skills and deep understanding of the various subjects in the medical field.Apart from the required skills, a medical assistant is required to undergo formal education and training for the same. Education and training requirements–Since medical assistants are required to do clinical and administrative tasks simultaneously, different states have different laws and educational requirements. However, high school diploma stands to be the minimum qualification required for an entry level job at most of the places. Depending upon the size, location and type of healthcare industry, different employers have different demands and preferences. Some employers require strictly trained candidates undergoing proper examinations whereas some will do with trained and certified candidates too.It all depends on the job profile and the tasks to be performed.

During high school, you are required to take science subjects particularly biology, anatomy and chemistry. A lot of vocational schools and colleges offer formal educational and certificate programs in the field of medical assisting for one year duration. In this program, various topics are covered like pharmacology, medical vocabulary, anatomy, insurance procedures and laboratory classes. Some of the community colleges offer an associate degree for two years in medical assisting which prepares you in the most competitive manner.

Importance of certification – Although this field does not require any specific education, the certification definitely helps you to enhance your competitiveness and knowledge for the same. You need to be older than 18 years register for this course. You must hold an associate degree to receive its certified credentials by The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). You are required to pass an examination in order to receive any of the credentials from the listed below –

MEdical assistant Professionals

• The Certified Clinical Medical Assistant from the National Health career Association

• The National Certified Medical Assistant from the National Center for Competency Testing and

• the Registered Medical Assistant from American Medical Technologists

Once you complete your formal education, your next step will be on the job training. During this period, you will be trained by a trained medical assistant or any experienced member of the medical staff. On the job training goes on for various months depending on your capabilities and the organizational requirements. You will learn the most practical aspects of medical assisting job like medical vocabulary, office rules and practices, different ways of dealing with different patients, recording and maintaining health records of the patients including the up keeping of the electronic records as well.

It makes a vast difference when you hold a certification, in the required medical field. This gives you an edge over the other job seekers. Most of the employers prefer certified candidates over the non-certified ones. It acts as a basic foundation for a speedy growth in your career!

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