How to Land In the Best Paying Medical Assistant Job?

A typical online medical assistant programs performs clinical and administrative works in a physician’s office. Medical assistants need not have a formal education as the job requires a lot of on-the-job training. Many take up certification courses, to lead to better jobs and pay. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2018, medical assistant jobs will be growing faster than any of the jobs that rely more on on-the-job experience. Where can one find the best pay medical assistant job?

Places with the highest paying medical assistant jobs

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, the median salary paid to a medical assistant in US is 28,860 dollars per year, which accounts to $13.87 per hour.

a) The highest paying state is Alaska with an annual mean salary of 39,200 dollars, District of Columbia with $37,010, Massachusetts with $36,100, Hawaii with $34,530 and Washington with $34,740.

b) The highest paying cities are Fairbanks in Alaska with $44,420 average salary, San Francisco with $41,330 average salary and Barns table in Mass with $39,070 average.

Highest paying industry for medical assistant job

There are many industries that require medical assistants. The physician offices have the highest level of employment and colleges while university and professional schools have lower levels of employment, in the state. The highest paying industry for medical assistant jobs is,

a) Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals provide an annual mean wage of $41,250 with an hourly wage of $20.31.

b) The insurance carriers provide $37,480 annual average salary

c) Scientific research and development services provide an average of $35,780

d) Dentists provide $35,530

e) The personal care services have an annual average salary of $35,250

Tips to end up in high paying medical assistant jobs

With the visual boom in the industry, there are many people who pursue their career in medical assistant jobs. How to stay on top to end up in a high paying job amidst the competition?

a) The majority of job opportunity comes from physician offices. According to the BLS 2012 report, there are 330,760 medical assistants working in physician offices. Psychiatric, substance abuse and dentistry industries provide high pay job than outpatient care centers. Specialize in the above said industries for better jobs.

Stressful Jobs

b) Though no formal education is required, continuous education through medical assistant programs or other certification courses will allow you to stay on top.

c) The article has specified the list of states and cities that have high pay. Make sure to choose the city that has a low cost of living so that you do not end up spending all the extra money you earn.

d) The old fashion way of earning more salary with the increase in experience is possible in this industry. Specializing in more than one prime area and good reputation also helps to garner a higher pay.

e) Understand the average pay in the city through recruitment and staffing firms so that there is a good chance of having a healthy salary negotiation process.

With a projected growth of 30.9% in 2010 to 2020, the medical assistant career has a very high probability of thriving in the future. BLS has predicted that there will be 162,900 job vacancies, this decade, which means more opportunities for medical assistants.

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