How Much Does A Certified Medical Assistant Make?



A medical assistant is a fantastic career move and it is becoming very popular throughout the world today.  It certainly can be a very challenging career but it is also one that does a lot of good because medical assistants help patients in many ways.  Most think assistants sit behind a desk and take appointments however they do a lot more than that.  They assist doctors and are a vital part of the medical world, however, how much does a certified medical assistant make?

What Will You Make In A Hospital?

Most who go through an online education to become a med assistant will find that they primarily responsible for the back office duties.  This however can be in different departments such as radiology, surgical and many other departments.  Duties may include transporting samples from one department to a testing area or even taking blood from a patient.  Usually, the rates are fifteen dollars an hour; this can vary depending on the hospitals and whether someone is just starting out.

Working In the Front Office

Front office is different from back office duties however they are just as important.  In most cases, working within the front office means you will be responsible for appointments made over the telephone as well as dealing with correspondence, inquiries and going between doctors to tend to patient notes.  However, front office is considered to be admin jobs and since a medical assistant will be dealing with computers, they must have a diploma though the pay is lower than back office pay.  The rates can vary but the basic is nine dollars per hour but this may be increased the longer you work within the office.

Podiatry Medical Assistant

Working with a podiatrist can often bring a higher pay.  The pay can be anything from thirteen dollars per hour to eighteen; however, if you are just qualified then the pay may be more basic at the thirteen rates rather than eighteen.  However, the duties for med assistants will be things such as making casts of patient’s feet as well as taking an x-ray and many more advanced medical duties.

Working In the Back Office

If you go through online medical assistant programs and work primarily within the back office the pay will be fairly good.  The pay can be anything from eleven dollars to fourteen or fifteen; again, this may vary from the hospital or doctor’s surgery you choose to work in.  However, this will be a more hands on approach because med assistants help with patients during examinations.

Private Surgeries Can Pay More Than General Hospitals

A medical assistant however, may find if they choose to work at a private clinic such as a plastic surgeon’s office, they are paid more.  The reason why this is the case, is simply because its private medicine and doctors are usually paid higher.  For plastic surgery, most doctors are paid per surgery and not on an annual salary as what many general hospital doctors are.  This may mean doctors who employ medical assistant in their private clinics can pay them more but it can all vary.

Why the Differences?

To be honest, there are big differences in what a person can make due to their qualifications.  If a medical assistant has been trained to work in one sector, they may not earn as much as what another assistant who is trained in different sectors.  There are differences because of skills and degrees and when someone is just starting out, the pay is at a basic rate but it can increase when they go through a degree or learn new skills through online medical assistant programs.

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