Typical day for a medical assistant’s tasks

Medical assistant – Medical assistants play a very important role in the smooth functioning of the overall medical organization.

They form the backbone and support system of the doctors in order to function smoothly and effectively. They are meant to bridge the communication gap between the doctors and the patients, whenever needed. Typically, a medical assistant will have a very busy day as he plays a major role in coordinating, administering and organizing within as well as outside the organization.

Medical assistant tasks – Medical assistants are required to perform a lot of administration duties along with the clinical tasks. Their daily tasks will vary accordingly, based on the location, type, size and specialty of the medical institution.

Following is a list of administrative tasks that a medical assistant is required to perform on daily basis.

• Coordinating between the doctors and the patients for the smooth conversation and follow-ups

• Setting up procedures

• Handling the patient’s queries and grievances

• Scheduling appointments

• Handling incoming and outgoing calls

• Updating and maintaining medical records of the patients

• Billing and bookkeeping

• Completing insurance forms and procedures

• Completing the discharge formalities of the patients

• Filling up admission, NOC and authority forms on behalf of the patients

• To be a patient listener to the patients

• Assist and co-ordinate between co-workers

• Ensure smooth and effective running of the complete organization

• Co-ordinate with the suppliers and outside health partners.

Following is a list of clinical tasks that a medical assistant is required to perform on daily basis.

• Administration of medicines

• Drawing blood samples

• Collecting laboratory specimens and processing the same

• Sterilizing and preparing equipments

• Recording vital signs of patients

• Instructing and educating the patients about various tests, diets and medications

• Preparing patients for various tests and procedures

• Setting up of the laboratory and the required tools

• Following the first aid procedures along with changing dressings

• Timely examinations and testing of the admitted patients

All the above mentioned tasks form a daily routine of any medical assistant’s job. Since the healthcare and medical industry is growing at a high speed, the demand for medical assistants has increased sharply. Doctors and core practitioners are also at ease and thus can concentrate on performing their main operations as the medical assistant takes care of the other co-related functions.

Specialty- A medical assistant can specialize in any area of the field based on his interest. He can either specialize in the administrative area or the clinical area of the organization.

Most of the times, they are required to multitask and handle both the administrative as well as the clinical responsibilities of the medical organization. It stands to be a good opportunity as it helps to broaden your horizons and offer you a great exposure, on daily basis. Experience matters a lot, in this field. Once you are done with your medical course, you need to concentrate on gaining a rich experience and exposure in the industry for boosting your career.

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